Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Summer 2015

Well, summer 2015 has been chugging right along. I can't believe June is half over. We officially have two seniors, a 7th grader and a preschooler in the house. Complete craziness.

The twins are busy working on volunteer hours to fulfill their LPS requirement for graduation. Corynn is busy sleeping in and playing minecraft. And Evie is busy keeping everyone on their toes.

Evie has really taken an interest in Emma. She loves to comb her, pet her and play fetch. It's super cute!

Not a lot of fun adventures. It's been rainy since the beginning of May. Yards are marshy and mosquitos are fierce this year. Despite all that, we have made a few visits to the zoo. Evie LOVES the zoo. Not sure if its all the animals or the popcorn and ice-cream. But she LOVES it nonetheless. Especially the butterflies! :)

Fingers crossed for better weather so we can venture to parks and spend more time at the acreage. We've accumulated more than 20 inches in the last seven weeks. That's a years worth of moisture in under two months. Wowzers is right!

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