Saturday, February 24, 2007

Busy little bee...

Well, today was quite a busy day! I left home at 6:30 am and headed back to GI to see Stetson (my little brother's son). I got to GI a little early and decided to make a pit stop over to Hastings to see John's gma. We had a nice visit, but it was cut short because I didn't have much time. Trevor and I had fun with Stetson, we gave him some early bday gifts. One of which was a bubble machine. Trevor and I filled my mom's living room full of bubbles...obviously my mom wasn't home - but Stetson liked it! He also had fun with his huge green ball.
He was really good- we even got him to take a nap! I made it back to Lincoln before the snow hit... just lots of heavy rain along the interstate. It made passing semi trailers horrible- but better than if there had been snow. Especially since our snow came with lightning and thunder- it was the craziest thing! Here are a few pix of the snow.
That white patch of snow on my sleeve is from one snow flake! I had to take the trash out and it was like being in paint ball war. I came inside with white splotches all over me. Not to mention the few that went down the collar of my shirt- burrrrr!

Emma Sue loves the snow and had a blast trying to catch the snow clumps that were falling- she wasn't sure what to think of the thunder, though!

Then to end the day- I was cleaning up the kitchen while John snow blowed the drive. I didn't notice that Corynn had went outside to help her dad until she came in and threw several snow balls at me. I was too tired to retaliate but tomorrow is a new day and that little girl had better watch out! that's all I'm saying... watch out, Puka!!!


Amanda said...

I LOVE to watch snow fall. And it is so comforting when I know I don't have to go anywhere. I bet it was pretty to see those big flakes falling. I am ready for spring to come though. I look forward to seeing green all around plus the flowers coming up. I never appreciated the beauty of the changing seasons when I was little. I guess I've learned to watch things grow and blossom. I love reading your blog.

Christy said...

That thundersnow was pretty cool and I was thinking how it would make the best snowballs!