Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Corynn and I had a little impromptu craft day yesterday. We were putting away our Halloween decorations when she politely informed me- we didn't have any for Thanksgiving. Such an observant little thing.

We decided to make some turkeys for the end tables and coffee table. We used our finger prints, water paints and markers to make the feathers. Corynn even took some to the neighbors.

I also had this plain green wreath that my mom brought me when she was cleaning her house out. It has been sitting in my living room as I awaited some inspiration on what to do with it. Christmas wreath with ornaments and garland? Or a fall wreath with autumn leaves and raffia?

Well- I was too lazy to go to the craft store so I just used what I had around the house. This is how it turned out.

The bow is a recycled Christmas bow off a gift from my in-laws last year. (My mother-in-law makes the best bows! The gifts are almost too pretty to open!) The pinecones came from Corynn's "acorn" collection. (she keeps calling them acorns for some reason) A bit of holly from the craft junk box, a little hot glue- and TA DA!Well- kind of! It'll have to do and it didn't cost a thing!

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LIndsey said...

Your sooo good! And a good mom! i love the wreath!