Thursday, November 05, 2009

a little behind

Things have been oober busy this week- and I forgot to post my favorite fall decorations...and our pumpkins!!!!

Ok- so I LOVE the pumpkin patch. Really any farm pumpkin patch-y area (not one specific one). There is something about taking a hay rack ride out to a field and pulling your very own orange gord free from its vine- that makes it that much more special.

This year however, the weather had different plans for us. It was rainy and cold and yucky the week leading up to Halloween. So in an effort to avoid catching colds and quite possibly pneumonia...we found our pumpkins somewhere else... a local grocery store. GASP! Shocking I know. I felt shameful evening mentioning it to the girls. But what can you do?!

Here's our make shift pumpkin pic for 2009...
yes, we bought them from Super Saver.
yes, I made them pose like that- I was getting my pumpkin pic one way or another.
and yes, I'm sure people thought I was nuts for making my kids sit by pumpkins outside in the raining mist in front of Super Saver.
But its also a memory that adds to our family! And we're just crazy like least I am! :)

The twins painted their pumpkins and Pucca carved hers. (She cleaned it out and I carved what she wanted.)

Kynna's is a clown (middle), Kwynnie's is a scarecrow (right), and Pucca used halloween shapes for her face. The eyes were witch's hats, the nose a pumpkin and the mouth a bat. They all turned out cute!

Here's my little ode to witches...I made witch brooms to set by my front door. I just grabbed a stick from the yard, cut some perennial grasses and tied them together with some twine.

Here's the whole front stoop...

can't forget the cinderella pumpkins...aren't they cute! And they only cost $4 for all three of them. And the wreath was made from supplies at Hobby Lobby- the whole wreath only cost $15- I bought them when the floral things were half off...which they are right now if your thinking of a holiday wreath.

Speaking of Christmas...I wonder how we will decorate our new house!


The Brink Blog said...

So does this mean you GOT YOUR HOUSE??!!

Audra said...

HECK YA, BABY! We are pretty excited!

The Brink Blog said...

That's AWESOME! If you guys need any help, please give us a holler!!