Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We made a mad dash to GI town for a quickie Thanksgiving with my side of the family. My big brother and his family were in from Utah- it was great having the cousins together. My little brother wasn't able to make it - missed ya, Trev!

The food was great! Loved the frog eye salad! And the conversations were hilarious! Lots of laughs!

My family didn't have alot growing up - which isn't always a bad thing. We have the BEST stories to tell! We're always laughing and surprising our spouses with most outrageous childhood secrets. I know my mom loves having all the kids together - but I think a part of her is actually a little leery of those occasions. For some reason, we always end up admitting something (like a huge hole in the wall behind a cabinet, skipping morning swim practice when we were young by hiding out in the tree house, that there was a homeless man that lived in our backyard for awhile. etc) that leaves my mom reeling in shock!

Craziness and you think its in the genes?

Here are a few pix from yesterday!

This how we serve piddley little gravy boat way jose!

Littlest cousin B...looks EXACTLY like his father (see pic below)

all the girls (mine and cousin E)

Pucca and E playing was surprisingly nice outside! Gotta love that with so many kids running around.

The mashed spuds my little brother would have ate- had he been there!

Pucca and her 'friend' cousin C

And the older kids (the twins and cousins A and N)

It was fun- my mom cooked all the food and it was WONDERFUL! Love you all!

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