Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Master bedroom redo

This is what our master bedroom looked like before. I've wanted to replace the ugly 'circus tent' curtains since we moved in...but hadn't found the perfect replacement. So naturally we had red as an accent color.

The quilted bed spread- I LOVE...and bought it as part of my future vision of what the room would look like.

After searching blog land far and wide and tweaking my ideas to fit with a budget and the fact I'm not allowed to paint...this is what I came up with.

I like the idea of painted mirrors and frames that has been circulating the blogosphere- but altered it a bit to fit what I could find. I stopped by Hobby Lobby and picked up some super cheap fabric (for my curtains) and HAD to stop by their clearance aisle. 90% off...are you kidding me! There was gravitational forces drawing me in!

There I found a bunch of scroll-y gold decorative pieces. I didn't care about the color because I knew I was going to end up painting them anyway. All of them were less than $2 a piece! SCORE!

The story with the curtain fabric - is that I found this beautiful perfectly perfect fabric in the clearance area...but there wasn't enough for my large windows. It just so happened that right next to this perfectly perfect fabric was a coordinate! I love robin's egg blue and have been wanting to use that color in a room - the fabric was perfect! Things were falling into place!

So I used the coordinating fabric on the top section of the curtain and then my ideal fabric is on the bottom. I used a piece of ribbon to cover the transition.

I also painted the seat of desk chair the same color as my wall arrangement. It needed a little color.

In the end I was able to incorporate robin's egg blue into the room WITH OUT painting the walls- John should approve!


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The Brink Blog said...

When we get to add-on and redo some things at our house, can I call you to come and help??!! Now that I have a sewing machine the possibilities are ENDLESS, right?! Looks great and next time we're there I will have to sneak a peek! :)