Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trip (part one)

A quick run down:

Spent a week in Park City (the 4th of July)- It was fun and relaxing just hanging out with girls. We spent some time with my brother and his family...which was awesome for the cousins- they love spending time together. Went shopping with my sister in law and got pedicures while Jared and John watched the children...FUN FUN!

Spent a few days in Seattle before we left on the cruise - toured Pike's Place Market and went to the aquarium (the girls were able to pet and handle sea cucumbers, anemones and star fish- HOW COOL IS THAT!?) We visited a local dive, a greasy spoon called The Hurricane, a bar turned diner from the 20s. We had milk shakes and fries for dinner. (That only flies on vacation!)

We then went on an Alaskan Cruise featuring a day spent in Glacier Bay National Park...so beautiful! Yes- its the same cruise John and I took for our anniversary a few years ago, but the whole we were there we kept saying how much the kids would enjoy this and how we HAVE to bring them here...so we did!

Funny story:

When you go on a cruise - signing in is like getting a hotel room times 100. Crazy registration process...the lines, the people, the chaos! This time around John and I booked a penthouse for the family and it came with some super great perks! One of which was VIP registration. As soon as we showed the lady our boarding documents...she led us passed all the craziness through all the people to a lovely little room with a desk, comfy chairs, cookies and drinks. Very 'VIP' and classy. She seated us in these plush leather chairs and encouraged us to help ourselves to the cookies...do you think we really needed to be encouraged!?

Anyway, as we were sitting there- the girls were full of wonder, excitement and just plain anxious. They didn't really know what to expect...so everyone was quietly waiting. Just then the theme song to Titanic (My Heart Will Go On) came on over the muzak system. I couldn't believe it...I looked at the girls and could see on their faces they instantly knew what song it was. I burst out laughing...almost to the point of snorting! I think John was rather embarrassed...BUT COME ON!

One of the cruise agents quickly came over and asked if I was ok...besides almost passing out from the lack of oxygen making it my brain because I was laughing so hard. She didn't look like the type to find the humor...so I hushed up. But it was funny. I continued to giggle through the whole song.

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