Saturday, July 31, 2010


Pucca went to GI town earlier this summer and spent a week with her grandparents (John's parents). Gpa took her fishing and she's been 'hooked' ever since. She talks non-stop about going back to gma and gpa Kelly's and going fishing. And how we should call gma and gpa Kelly and make sure they know that we are coming fishing. And how we should get out the calendar so we can mark which day we're going back to GI town to go get the picture!

Well, this weekend we made a 'grandma run'. (A visit to GI town where we visit all 5 gmas- a whirlwind adventure!)

Friday evening, we spent the night with John's parents (the fishing grandparents)...can you guess what the girls and I did while the guys were grilling!? I'll give you a starts with an F and ends in -ishing! :)

I'm a competitive soul and as soon as Pucca got the slightest nibble- I had my pole in the water, ready to catch my own great white! IT. WAS. ON

After casting and reeling and casting and reeling, for what felt like an eternity...I finally got a bite! "FISH ON" I yell (its what the master fishers say when they've caught something- I learned that off of MonsterFish on the Discovery Channel)

Anway- I'm struggling to reel in the massive gilled monster- so much so that I yell for Kynna to anchor me down and hold the back of my shirt so I won't get dragged into the lake. But Kynna doesn't have enough strength- the water-breathing beast is too much for us. Kynna wraps her arms around my waist and then Kwynnie grabs her by the waist...we can't let this devil fish win!

Finally, I get it close enough to shore - and we see that its 'this big' can't see but I'm indicating with my hands that its HUGE! So huge in fact, the fish is pulling the line back out of my reel, my pole begins to bend almost to the point of snapping...I'm trying with all my might to just. hold. on. I yell for Kwynnie to get John!

All of sudden my pole snaps back, Kynna and I go flying- the fishy little beast got away. Just then John comes out asking what all the commotion was about. We all start talking at once, our personal accounts racing out a hundred miles per hour. John catches enough of the story to know there was something...and it got away.

Just then the monster fish rises from the depths of Gma and Gpa's sandpit and crashes into a sailboat...It was crazy!

What!? Don't believe me! Lucky for you I took a pic!

And that's my fish story! (now about 99 % of this story is true...I'll let you decide which part is a minor exaggeration of the truth!)


The Brink Blog said...

Great story!! Too bad you can't take a picture as people read on to see what "really happened"!! Kayin and Pucca should get together..she loves fishing after Canada!!

Audra said...

ya- well all of that really happened...except the whale part at the end. But that sounded better than the monster fish got away...

we had fun!