Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Family Fun

Every year we face the same dilemma...what to get parents for Mother's/Father's Day, bdays and Christmas. We have it especially hard with Jeff...his birthday and Father's Day generally are just a few days apart. He's a hard one to shop for and you can only buy a man so much cheesy popcorn! :)

This year for Jeff- we made a family treasure hunt. I put out clues (using family memories/stories and random trivia) on little flags around the property at Davey. Each flag gave a clue which led you to the next point on the treasure hunt. At the end...there was treasure, of course!!

The summer was extremely busy for all three families and getting everyone together seemed down right impossible. It ended up being the end of August before we could give him our 'gift'. Our gift not necessarily being the treasure hunt- but rather something fun for him and the grandkids to do together! (and just so you don't go thinking we're totally cheap...we took him to a baseball game too!)

My original plan involved GPS coordinates and using the entire 80 acres...but because of time restraints and heat that day...I limited it to about 4 acres. It still worked out great!

John and the little man rolling hay bales...not part of the treasure hunt, but still fun!

It was a fun little adventure...but next time it will be "EXTREME treasure hunting" that requires use of the farm truck, satellite GPS and a map of the whole property! Just not in the blazing heat and stifling humidity of summer!

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