Sunday, September 12, 2010


The girls and I went to the Husker game this weekend! It was an awesome game- the girls had a blast and the weather was perfect!

maybe a little too perfect...we are semi-permanently showing our HUSKER spirit with our sunburns. Half our faces and necks are red...the other half not so much. The sun was on the south end of the field which was on our right...the whole game! OUCH!

Here are the girls and their great aunt Sheila:

(the twins are watching the jumbo screen- they were introducing our starters)

me and the girls

It was a fun game! The Huskers need to work on the penalties...holy smokes boys! That ain't gonna cut it!!

And the playing was sloppy...even Pucca in her cheerleading uniform and pompoms threw her arms in the air and yelled 'Come ON, guys!' when Martinez got sacked. BUT 5 interceptions...are you kidding ME!? That was pretty sweet!

I love Husker football and I love that the girls love Husker football. I think John was worried when the house filled with little girlies...but it seems to be working out just fine!

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