Wednesday, September 08, 2010

me time

It was one of those days...

Something going on from the minute I woke up, one thing after another ... nothing major or time consuming- just go go go. all. day. long.

And a bunch of little things kept going wrong...for example I dropped my wedding ring in the toilet. lovely. Then when I went grocery shopping - my cart ran away from me in the parking lot. And then when I was preparing dinner, I dropped two dirty utensils on the floor on the way to the sink, my bag of rice spilled all over the counter and the stand mixer blew my milk/soup mixture all over my shirt...and the counter...and the floor... and the cupboards. As if that wasn't bad enough...dinner sucked! Really it did. So we had frozen pizza.

I needed some 'me' time. I pulled my ponytail holder out, whipped my mass of locks around like some crazy super model, grabbed my ipod and sunglasses and headed outside. Minutes later I was jamming out to my favorite songs with the wind blowing through my hair...

on my John Deere riding lawn mower. I needed some 'me' time and the lawn needed to be mowed...sweet serendipity or a multi-tasking mama? Who cares! Either way it worked...I had an hour and half to myself and the lawn looks GREAT!

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Kindergarten Team said...

And to top it off, you had my daughter for the evening...we need to do a "mommy date" soon!! No kids, no husbands!!! So I take it the chicken and rice wasn't so good...I guess now it's my turn to try a crock-pot recipe and let you know what we think. :)