Monday, November 15, 2010


Kwynnie had her mid-semester choir concert...and somehow amidst all the chaos and craziness that has enveloped our lives...I was able to attend! A freakin miracle, really!

I was so excited that I brought our little flip to immortalize the event!

Battery charged- check!

Empty memory card- check!

BUMMER! I didn't consider that a gi-gantor 7 foot bald man would sit 2 rows in front of me. So after the first song- I moved to the only empty seat left. LOVELY- chronic cougher lady was sitting right behind know that loud-hacking-want to pass them a hanky for all the phlegm they must be spitting up- kind of cougher!? Ya...she was sitting right behind me!

And as if that wasn't bad's son was standing in front of Kwynnie.


Kwynnie is in a yellow shirt right behind the boy in dark jeans, glasses and tshirt in the middle. If you can't find her- uh I said "gigantor"

It was a great concert! They even sang Green Day...complete with guitar solo and bass!

In the end- I think Kwynnie was glad I couldn't actually get her on tape singing, but still managed to tape the concert. A happy medium!

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