Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Run run run

I have been on the run since we returned home from our little holiday away from this bitter freezing ice land we call home. Hosted a baby shower for a friend, entertained children and tried to keep my sanity during a few snow days, helped during a few shifts at the book fair at Pucca's school, planning Valentine parties for the entire second grade (on a $60 budget), trying to get caught up on laundry (seems to be a losing battle), hosted a 'Hooters' party and had a great time, had some friends over for the Big Game, parent teacher conferences...this list could really just keep going and going.

And just off the top of my head for this upcoming week...HOA meeting, Valentine Parties, KSC end of the year party, 'little friends' over a few days, PTA meeting, service call on the frig and LOTS OF LOVELY SUNSHINE! YAY!

I want you to know I'm not complaining - because most of these things are things I enjoy doing and helping with. Its just when they all come in the same week...that it just kills me.

My big plans for the weekend: sleeping in and finishing up projects! So forgive me if I seclude myself in the house and don't answer my phone! (I get easily distracted these days!) :)

See you Monday with some funny stories about the girls.

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