Monday, February 28, 2011

The twins have been busy!

Lots going on in our home and family! One of the very coolest things is the project the twins are working on.

They will be presenting at the Climate Change Student Summit at UNL this weekend! So cool! And there will be students from Lincoln and Omaha- and students from Chicago, Alaska and Virginia via satelite! SO SO COOL!

The whole summit is too have students (grades 7-10) get together, discuss and brainstorm strategies for preserving the planet and its resources. Global warming is affecting every part of the world...and getting students together from all parts of the US will be interesting. As global warming progresses- Alaska is beginning to flood. The harsh northern winters are getting pushed farther south due to the jet stream moving. So the winters that were typical the last 50 years in ND and SD are going to be what we'll be getting. Which helps explain why Arizona and Texas have been getting snow and freezing temps!

BACK TO THE TWINS...the twins will be presenting on water conservation. Many think oil is the most valuable resource...but its not! Water is! And its in VERY limited supply. So the girls will be talking about why we should use tap water vs bottled water.

  • Making the plastic bottles AND recycling them causes massive amounts of pollution which contributes to global warming.
  • Bottled water takes water from its natural sources (say Michigan) and then transports and distributes it all over the US and the world. That water can not recycle itself back to its origin. And did you know that most of Nestle's bottled water (and its subsidiaries) get its water from Lake Superior and Lake Michigan! Those lakes are shrinking and fast!
  • If you like distilled or purified water...get an RO system or purifier that attaches directly to your tap.

Here's a photo of the girls conducting a blind taste test (tap water, Aquafina, Figi and store brand distilled) at their school last week.

Tap water received 64% of the votes making it the winner!

We are so proud of the girls! This isn't a school project or a class requirement...just something they are interested in and feel strongly about! Last year they convinced the school to stop using Nestle water products...this year they are hoping to approach the school board to make it district wide.

The girls have passionate ideals...but to see them actually vocalize them- amazing! Love you twinnies!

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Anonymous said...

SO cool! I am very impressed and hopefully their efforts will make a HUGE difference!!

Good Luck next weekend! Where will it be??