Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day 2011

WOW! Another school year has begun! We officially have two 8th graders and a 3rd grader! Kind of NUT-SO!

The twins are super excited about being top dogs of the middle school! They know the layout, classrooms and have all the procedures down- so not many nerves at all! They are taking some accelerated classes (called 'diff' classes) which are considered 'high school' level- but they seem to be taking it in stride.

Pucca is back in her school- a new school...kind of. It was completely gutted and renovated last year so its basically a brand new building. Lucky for her - her classroom is right across the hall from the door she enters. She's starting her first year of 'diff' classes.

Back to school shopping wasn't well executed this summer. I managed to get all the supplies, new shoes, manicures and haircuts...but definitely slacked in the clothing department.

I told them I'd take them this fall and make it up to them...just too much for this mama...three girls in three different areas of each store at the mall...I didn't last long! So only a few new outfits. Each girls picked out their own 'first day' ensemble!

Here are the first day photos:

Twins...check out the necklaces! They ordered these from an Etsy shop with their own money- they are CUTE!

Pucca- she wanted to be 'casual- not too fussy!' ...those were her exact words!

She calls her new shoes 'twinkle toes' because there are sequins all over the toe area. Very Pucca-esk!

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