Tuesday, August 09, 2011

What's in a name?

Naming a child is always a big deal. It will be your child's moniker for their lifetime and a permanent branch of the family tree. Will it be conventional? Trendy? Unisex? Picked for a special meaning? Picked solely because you liked it? Was it the result of a family vote? A name you've imagined naming your child since you were once one yourself? Is it a family name? OR was it randomly picked out of a 'Baby Names' book on 125th page fifth from the bottom because you were tired of looking through names?

Lucky for us- naming our children has come pretty easy. We've picked names that reflect our culture and family. The twins both have Irish first names and their middle names are after women on my side of the family.

Pucca was named for the living matriarchs on both John's and my sides of the family. Which would be my great grandma and John's grandma.

This baby is named after women on John's family tree.

Evlynn Cecilia

We will most likely call her Evie for short or as a nickname while she is young. Evlynn is such a grown up name for such a little thing. Evlynn is pronounced like 'EVAN' but with the added 'L'.

Evlynn is Gaelic in origin. A great great great grandma of John's (although its spelled Evelyne- we had to keep the 'ynn' thing going! ). It also means 'the longed for child' which after all we've been through, seems to fit perfectly!

And Cecilia for a Kelly matriarch that encouraged her son to leave Ireland for America. With out which would have made it extremely difficult for me to meet and marry my bestfriend a 120 years later!

So now the secret is out. I initially didn't want to tell the name, but people kept asking and quite frankly wore me out. The girls played a part in helping pick the name as well, which makes it even more special.

Can't wait to meet you, sweet pea!

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Kindergarten Team said...

She will be loved by so many. Such a little blessing and can't wait to meet her! I am sure Kayin will want to rush up to the hospital the minute I tell her you have her!