Sunday, August 07, 2011

Nursery for baby E

YAY! The nursery is ready for baby #4 !

Here's a picture of the mobile that the twins helped me with. Believe it or not the hardest part was figuring out how to hang strings with multiple cranes. We even GOOGLED it for goodness sakes. In the end we came up with our own plan...involving color matching buttons. Worked pretty darn good!

I made the curtains, the bedding, dust ruffle and baby blankets. I still have a few more blankets to make. If not for this little one- maybe as gifts for someone else's. I ordered all the fabric online for less than $100 and have a ton left over. That's pretty good considering the crib bedding sets we were looking at were like $150! Nuts-so! Oh and the yellow crocheted blanket hanging on the crib is from John's was one of the twins's but they graciously offered to let the baby use it.

The twins made artwork for Pucca's room when she was baby and now all three were able to make some for this baby. Kwynnie made the zebra, Kynna did polka dots and Pucca went with fish. I think she's hoping this sister will like to fish more than her older ones! :)

The graffiti art that's framed says "We 'heart' you"...I already mentioned it here. We painted numbers on the drawers- deciding to spell out number four just for her. Kwynnie picked out the yellow piggy bank. As family project we painted the dresser- the girls picked the color and we changed out the knobs to a simple pewter. THIS dresser has had many lives! The white shoes are leather booties from an antique store. They were still in their box from the 1950s. You can bet she will be wearing them- they are so cool! I'm very into the classic vintage style!

And the bag on the floor is her overnight bag. Nice size and has a bunch of pockets going around the outside of it for all her little baby gear. A great purchase from 31.

And if you look really close at the bottom right you can see the tip of the sheep skin rug. We found the perfect rug but it was too small. So we bought two and whip stitched them together. You can't even tell! And we now have the perfect rug!

I wanted a tree mural for the blank wall we had. I decided on the one in the picture...its a small tree blowing in the wind. Small and petite for baby...and blowing to represent fall and change. I wish it was a bit bigger...but it really looks sweet!

I have a few blankets and pillows to work on still- but not vital to the room. The pillows would go on the window bench. Speaking of which...that bench is there kind of by mistake. Or just laziness. We are actually putting a bench style toy box there. I just haven't painted it yet, she won't need it for a while. And I'm too lazy to move the existing bench- plus I'm not even sure where we'd put basically procrastinating and ignoring all that at this point!

All in all...its pretty much how we envisioned it to be. The girls love it and had a fun time contributing! And I'm glad its done!


wendysue said...

It looks so great! I love the grey/yellow combo. Can't wait to meet her!

Can I Have This Dance.... said...

You are so looks great! I love the way you included the girls in decorating and preparing the room.

Deb said...

So cute! I love the numbers on the dresser.