Monday, May 05, 2014

Corynn's sleepover

Corynn wanted to have some friends sleep over at Davey for her party this year. Since she is gearing up for middle school- I'm thinking this is her last birthday party. It was also nice because these girls have been friends since kindergarten and they are splitting up next year with different middle schools.   Corynn will have to have a get together this summer before school starts. They are such sweet kids!

So six 11 year olds, Evie and I set out for Camp Davey.

It was pretty fun. Low key. The girls explored and played outside until dark, then came inside and giggled and talked until 3am. Crazy kids.

Evie and I hung out- jumping on the trampoline, watching cartoons and swinging.

Corynn had fun...and really that's what counts. :0)

Corynn sported a faux hawk...such a little hipster!

Corynn was a good big sister- she let Evie help! Evie carried that gift all the way out to Davey and then sat patiently with it for another hour until it was time to open it. She really has a thing for wrapped gifts! 

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