Friday, September 12, 2014


We have a nice sized yard and between our playset and the neighbor's - Evie is not lacking for swings and slides. So we haven't ever needed to go to a park. In fact the first time we took her to a park to play was for a birthday party of a family friend. Evie was 23 months. Kind of crazy to think about. And really- other than that party she hasn't been to a park since. That was until last week. It was a gorgeous morning and I had to run errands. I was trying to think of something fun for her so she wouldn't  break down on me. I took her to the park near Corynn's old elementary school. She had a blast. She had all the equipment to herself. She really liked the rocking frog.

This week we tried out Antelope Park...which a ginormous playset with 10 slides, a tire swing, climbing walls and all sorts of fun stuff. Evie was in heaven. In hindsight, I maybe should have worked my way up to this park. Because now she is going to want to go to this one all the time. And none of the smaller parks will compare. We lucked out and no one was there either- usually it's full of children running around all crazy. We'll see how that works. The things we endure for our children. :)

My goal is to try out a different park each time. And if fall cooperates maybe do picnic lunches while we're there. Something fun for her to look forward to each week and help wear down all that energy. 

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