Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Evie turned 3!!!!

Friday evening we had a low key affair to celebrate our little bit turning 3! She was quite adamant about NOT wanting to have a party, but decided that having a few people over for dinner would be ok. So we obliged. We invited a few family and close friends to indulge in a taco bar, cake and ice-cream.

I sent Corynn upstairs with Evie prior to the get she could get Evie ready. This is was her first outfit...

Eventually she went up stairs and changed into something a bit more casual. While waiting for our guests to arrive, she fell asleep.

We hated to wake her, but this was her special dinner and she was the guest of honor. This is what you get when you wake up a sleep deprived 3 year old. Pretty, isn't it!?

She warmed up a bit, but still wouldn't blow her candles out or talk to anyone. Good thing her friends stepped up to help her blow out her candles.

Oh and notice what John is lighting the candles redneck! Nancy would have gotten a kick out of it.

She was little bit happier once it was time to open presents.

Speaking of presents...check out these wrapped by my father in law! He is awesome! Our grandma Tillie would save all the wrapping paper from the gifts she received. When she passed away and we cleaned out her place, we found this pile of neatly folded wrapping paper. Nancy must have kept it, because this is what Jeff found when we went looking for wrapping paper to wrap bday gifts. It made me smile!!!

It was fun, small and perfect. Low key and casual. Happy birthday, little bug! 

p.s. My mom informed me that I also threw a little fit during my third birthday party. Too funny! 

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Kori said...

How fun! What a cutie pie!