Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Random happenings

Lots seems to be happening around these parts.

  • The twins are done with braces!!! Woooohoooo! Almost 2 1/2 years of orthodontist appts, avoiding toffee and snickers, having to floss after every meal to make sure nothing was stuck, whining about ugly smiles, broken brackets etc....we're done!!!! They had them removed on 8/28- they got them removed the same day. Kwynn has a permanent retainer and Kynna is wearing an invisalign retainer for the next 6 weeks to ensure her bite doesn't shift. But they are super excited and so are we! It was a long expensive haul, but so worth it! 
  • Corynn is having fun in middle school. Her lockers are still giving her problems...she's left handed and has to spin them opposite of what feels natural or how the instructions show. She gets easily frustrated. But I suppose if that's the biggest pain of middle school- then she's doing just fine! 
  • McKynna and Kwynn are officially licensed drivers as of Monday. Finally their provisional driver's permits came. They were added to our policy and are insured. Kwynn is willing to drive, but McKynna is hesitant. She just doesn't have the confidence. And she's stubborn. I know it will come, but it's frustrating. They both passed their driver's ed class and driving test- so I think they are good to go. 
  • John and I celebrated 16 years on Friday. We went to the shooting range and out to dinner. We also stopped and grabbed some dessert to take home to the girlies. It's been a crazy fun 16 years. I remember every part of our wedding, the day and the people. It was a small family wedding in his parent's backyard. Thinking about it makes me miss Nancy terribly. She is intertwined in so many memories and occasions. But Friday was fun and it was nice spending time with John- just the two of us. That doesn't happen nearly enough. 
  • Evie is pacifier free! This is a HUGE milestone for her. She has had one literally since day one. And it's always been attached to her. Anytime we didn't have one within five feet of her I would start to have a panic attack. She NEEDED her bink. It helped her cope, provided comfort and calmed her. I truthfully didn't think she would ever get rid of it. I didn't even know where to start. Her pacifier had started to wear down and break. And we told her when it broke completely that we would have to throw it away. Well the stupid thing wouldn't break. And weeks wore on. Finally, the week of her birthday, we lost it. She wasn't happy. Not screaming crying, but sad and whiny. It's a good thing we REALLY lost it because I may have broke down and gave it back to her. But once she made it through that first night- I was on the hunt for it. Not because she had a rough night or was inconsolable but because dang it...we are not going back. I didn't want her to find it the next day and we'd have to do this all again. Luckily a few days later we did find it and tossed it out in the dumpster. She's done great and adapted just fine. Now onto potty training. She's a very bull headed stubborn child so we'll see. 

Oh and did you notice FALL is practically here!!? Yeppers. Evie and I went to the park Friday and we noticed that the maples are already starting to turn. I'm predicting an early winter. The farmer's almanac says we can expect our first snow in September and a long cold winter similar to last year. Blah. But I will take fall weather! I love fall... the colors, the cool evenings, pumpkins, turning leaves, football and family. Love it! 

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