Monday, October 20, 2014

Colorado 2014

We took a very short trip up to a mountain top cabin (10,000ft+) for fall break. The kiddos only have two additional days off for the break so it limits our get aways. John found this little cabin on VRBO which is a pretty handy little sight. We plan on booking another one when we go to California this winter.

Anyway- back to our mini vacation. I didn't take many pictures. I was busy with the family. Which is truly a sign of a great vacation! The cabin sat on 5 acres, so the first day up there we explored and checked everything out. It was about 40 degrees and in the shady areas there was snow. The were several creeks and pools on the property that had fish, mostly trout. Evie had a blast...until she got cold. :)

Kwynn tried hiking with us...didn't make it 10 feet from the cabin before she wiped out! 

Evie loving the bits of snow left hiding in the shade. 

View from the stream back at the cabin. 

On day two it snowed and snowed. Probably about 4 inches of blowing snow once it was all said and done. We didn't leave the cabin at all. Some of us I don't think even changed out of our pjs. John started a fire about 10am and kept it stoked and toasty through the day into the evening. We played board games, talked and napped. And that evening we roasted marshmallows. It was a fun day. The kids put electronic devises away (for the most part) while we were there. It warmed my heart to see us all getting along and having fun. Because there some days that it would take a miracle for that to happen.
Evie loving the snow

She wore her sissy's socks for gloves, because we couldn't find hers. :)

Snow angels on the patio...sure why not! 

On Monday, our last full day there, we visited a couple of the surrounding mountain towns. Bought a few trinkets and window shopped. I love old historic downtowns. They have so much character and life to them. We attempted trout fishing, but that lasted less than an hour because it was only 30 degrees and the fish were toying with us. Only a few bites. Which made it frustrating because the pool and streams were super shallow and not very wide. You could see the fish...and had we brought our net...well then we could have scooped up a bunch! 

We left first thing Tuesday. The kids had school on Wednesday and we needed to get back home. So it was definitely a short trip...but fun and appreciated! 

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