Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

Evie has been wanting a pumpkin for weeks... probably since she first spotted them at grocery stores way back mid-Spetember. We told her to be patient and that we would take her to the pumpkin patch so she could pick out her very own pumpkin. But that she would have to wait until we got back from Colorado. Well, the little bit waited so very patiently...and finally all that waiting paid off. We went to the patch on Saturday. The twins had PSAT testing that morning, so took Corynn (and Corynn's friend, Grace) and Evie.

Evie had a blast. She LOVED the animals! I can't wait to move to an acreage so she can have a pasture full of animals! We also took her through her first haunted house! She's fearless...either that or she's not old enough to find ghosts and skeletons scary. OR perhaps we've numbed her with The Walking Dead...who knows. She had a lot of fun and that's what really matters.

I tried to get cute photos of Evie, but she is the stage of forced smiles and silly faces. So getting an adorable photo is pretty much out of the question. 

I didn't get many photos of Corynn- she was busy with her friend. But I did manage to get the quintessential "Here's my pumpkin!" photo! 

We spent a few hours out there and I was flooded with memories of my mother in law. Last year almost to the day, we went to the same patch with John's parents. It was such a fun day. We had no idea that three days later she would be getting a MRI which found a tumor in her liver. Or that one week later she would be in the hospital diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. We cautiously asked Jeff if would like to go with us today, but he couldn't. Partially because he had plans this afternoon and partially because it would be too hard to go back. We completely understood.

{We miss Nancy terribly. I'm conflicted with going places that remind me of her like the pumpkin patch or Davey or Stuhr...but I think would rather go and have those memories, flashbacks and moments to reminisce, than not. I don't want to forget her, or her funny stories or things she said. I don't want them to get packed away inside my head and forgotten. I want to keep her with us. All around us. Our children have lost three grandmas in three years. Wonderful, strong amazing women whom I admired and adored. I want them to remember them and be like them. I think that's why I force myself to remember even when my heart is breaking from missing them so much. }

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