Friday, January 19, 2007

100 Things about the Kelly family

  1. We have lived in Lincoln for 4 1/2 years
  2. The girls have moved 7 times in 8 years
  3. Corynn is the "little princess" of the family
  4. McKynna loves soccer
  5. Kwynn plays volleyball
  6. The twins went with us to the NCAA Vball Championship in Omaha- Thanks Jeff and Nancy
  7. Corynn is over the 100th percentile for height
  8. The twins loves to draw
  9. John is a master griller
  10. I love to bake
  11. I tend to have OCD on occasion
  12. Emma (our dog) is John's baby girl
  13. John and I were married outside
  14. The twins were baptized on their bday
  15. I was baptized on my bday
  16. Corynn LOVES Superman
  17. Corynn has gone through 3 baby dolls in two years
  18. and we have had 'funerals' for the first two
  19. I like frogs and the color green
  20. John works hard
  21. Emma plays hard
  22. McKynna is more of a tomboy
  23. Kwynn is just a typical girl
  24. Corynn is the girly girl
  25. I have a teapot that the girls call my cocoa-pot...I don't drink tea so we use it for cocoa
  26. We have movie night twice a month
  27. Corynn attends Montessori School for Young Children
  28. I have two brothers; one older one younger
  29. John has an older brother
  30. McKynna likes video games - especially pacman
  31. Kwynn is great 'big' sister to Corynn - she reads to her and helps her all the time
  32. Corynn LOVES having big sisters and be able to play with them
  33. I want to work for the state of NE in the welfare system
  34. OR for a non-profit like the Friendship Home
  35. John is a pushover with the girls- and they know it
  36. I am the disciplinarian - and they know it
  37. We like going to South Dakota on family vacations
  38. We have never went camping - but it sounds fun
  39. We like to have family game night- Twister is the best
  40. I like to read books in one sitting- hard to do though with three kids
  41. My favorite movie is Sabrina with Audrey Hepburn
  42. My mother in law looks like Audrey Hepburn
  43. My father in law looked like the hunky young Elvis when he was in college
  44. I like to write children's stories
  45. McKynna is an artist
  46. Kwynn is very witty- annoyingly so sometimes
  47. Corynn is very athletic
  48. McKynna and Kwynn are 17 minutes apart
  49. McKynna is older
  50. My favorite tv shows are Scrubs, House and Grey's Anatomy
  51. Not sure what is up with the medical theme
  52. John likes to watch 'Dirtiest Jobs' - so GROSS and so FUNNY
  53. We are football fans - pro and college
  54. We haven't gone on a family vacation for two years- we are due
  55. The twins went to Disney World in Florida with my mom last October
  56. We are members of the Arbor Day Foundation (just a random fact for ya)
  57. Corynn is learning Spanish at school and loves it
  58. Kwynn is very good with animals
  59. I plan out a menu for family meals every week --- that's the OCD thing I was talking about
  60. My kids didn't learn to tie their shoes until they were 6 - I'm such a slacker!
  61. They didn't learn to ride bikes until this fall - Go ahead say it- SLACKER!
  62. Corynn likes to watch Lazy Town
  63. Kwynn and McKynna are not identical
  64. Kwynn's middle name is for my mom
  65. I found McKynna's name on the Internet
  66. Corynn Tillie was named for the matriarchs of both John's family and my family
  67. I had five grandpas growing up
  68. My grandma was married a few times
  69. We have five generations of women on my mother's side of the family
  70. John and I are both bullheaded and stubborn- but it works surprisingly well
  71. John is a people person...he can talk to anyone - anywhere
  72. I am not a people person
  73. I like my space i.e. my bubble
  74. John makes the best baby-back ribs around
  75. I like to garden
  76. Corynn likes to 'help' me with chores- at least she thinks she is helping
  77. Kwynn and McKynna like to watch Animal Planet and the National Geographic Channel
  78. Kwynn is into astronomy and the planets
  79. McKynna likes camouflage
  80. Corynn has everything Dora
  81. McKynna's favorite color is blue
  82. Kwynn's favorite color is red- GO HUSKERS!
  83. Corynn likes pink and white
  84. and anything with the Superman Logo
  85. I like classical music
  86. I want to go to Africa and help out with the poverty/food/AIDS crisis
  87. The twins help me make scarves and hats for the city mission every Christmas
  88. The girls willingly donated all their savings to Katrina victims- I have never been more proud
  89. Corynn knows how to manipulate people with her 'charming' innocence- its really very scary
  90. John is my bestfriend
  91. Emma loves her ball
  92. Emma is a wuss when it comes to other dogs - so embarrassing at the dog park
  93. We love Lincoln!
  94. We have a family retreat that is the best! I love going there and getting away without really going far away!
  95. The girls love going on 'adventures' on the property
  96. Its the perfect place for sledding too!
  97. Our favorite thing to do on rainy days is order pizza, make cookies and play games in our pjs
  98. I want to complete our family genealogies
  99. The girls rock out to Radio Disney and have dance sessions in the living room- its so funny and great memories!
  100. We love HUSKER football!

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Amanda said...

You guys are way COOL! It was fun to get to know you even better. Your such a good mom, Audra.