Thursday, January 25, 2007


Yesterday - I pull up to our house after taking Corynn to school and notice that my newspaper is clear on the other side of our porch- no where near the door. Strange- but maybe the paperboy was a little off on his aim this morning. Then I notice something brown laying outside my front door on the step. Huh?! Wonder what that could be- I was expecting something from UPS- but this was a little early for that- but you never know. So I pull into the garage and notice my cell phone beeping at me. I have one new message. So I get out of van, I am checking my messages and putting my keys in my purse on my way to the front porch to grab my parcel. I am entering my security code on the phone and start to reach down and grab the box when I noticed the box move. I am literally inches away from this...

HOLY CRAP! I was so scared I dropped my phone and ran into the garage. As I am leaning up against the van trying to catch my breath- it occurred to me-FRICK! I needed my phone to call someone for help. How was I going to get my phone... I start to look around the garage. Then I spotted the perfect tool! A shovel! So I grabbed the shovel and sucked up all the courage I had and slowly inched my way around the garage door (alot like a soon-to-be victim in a horror flick right before the murderer gets them). I had grabbed the shovel- initially, for self-defense. But then it occurred to me I could use it to scoop up the phone- then I wouldn't have to get so close. Well, it sounded like a good idea- but in reality it wasn't that easy- it took about six or seven tries. It might have worked better with a smaller shovel- but I didn't want to take any chances... THIS IS A WILD ANIMAL! During all this my neighbor is standing in his driveway watching me ...with a look of "She's crazy!" mixed with "I really should have my video camera!"
Finally I get my phone and immediately call my husband- who is out of town on business. His response was- "What do you want me to do?" Well, I wasn't sure...but this seemed like one of those moments you should call your husband- Aren't they supposed to fix stuff like this?
Anyway- I decided to let it be and eventually that afternoon it left.
Moral of the story:
Always wear your never know when a possum will show up!


Amanda said...

Oh my, scary! They are such strange looking creatures. David was out of town once and there was a dead one in our yard. It must have fallen from our tree. I called animal control to come get it. It was suppose to cost me $15 or $25 but they never took any money. I'm glad your okay. I would've called my husband also.

Jared Lewandowski said...

I happened to be staying over at my sister's house when this happened and it was an instant classic. When I walked out the front door that morning, I saw it sitting there staring at me, and about ready to jump on me... I'm sure of it!

Anyway, I took one look and knew I had to do something before Audra got back home... I am the big brother and therefore it is my responsibility. The scuffle started off slowly and then it was on like Kanga & Roo. I had a slight advantage because of my height, but he was quick... real quick!.

Long story short, I was back inside and calling Audra for help within 30 seconds. Then I stepped out the back door to avoid any further confrontation. After all, it was a marsupial and those things are on the verge of becoming extinct.

Anita said...

What a hoot! The picture is GREAT!

Lindsey said...

I can so see you in your front yard trying to take down the ugly thing! You make me laugh!

Hollie said...

Holy Crap!! I would of flipped out. I get scared when my hand comes close to a spider! That thing was freaken HUGE!!!!!!