Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Jared (my brother) and the girls were playing with my new computer and these photos were the end result. Now no one can argue with me about how crazy my kids are.

this is my adorable daughter Kwynn ... isn't she lovely!
...and this my other beautiful daughter, McKynna!

...and this my baby girl, Corynn- just so lovely!
I have no need for school photos anymore... I can do it from home now! Anyway... I love them and all their goofiness! They keep me on my toes!

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Amanda said...

Hey I'm glad your back. I tried your blog the other day and it didn't work. Great pictures! I'll be sure to let Ginger know you said hi. She just started Sunbeams and is not to sure of leaving nursery. Who wants to give up toys and a snack?