Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I was thinking today... how thankful I am for my family...everyone and all the craziness they bring! I once told my mom not to worry about our family's drama because all families have dysfunction- we just put ours out there. When you get as looney as us - why hide it! I found this picture of Christmas Eve and all the grandkids on my side of the family.
And to think this is the best photo out of about 20 on my camera and there were three others camera snapping away! Too funny! I love my family- my mom is practically a saint for her generosity and the ultimate survivor for raising all of us and living to tell the tale. As for my brothers- they are great and they know I love them and have their backs whenever needed. Speaking of brothers-I did get this photo of Trevor and his baby boy Stetson. They really look alike! Poor kid! HA- just kidding!

Families- can't choose them but gotta love them... or something like that! hehehehehehe! I do love my husband's family as well. My mother in law is the perfect mom and super creative! She should probably have her own show on HGTV. I have alot to learn from that woman- that's for sure- my own personal Martha Stewart... without the criminal record of course! My father in law is the best- the most dominant father figure I have and I consider myself lucky to have him. My husband's brother and his wife are awesome and have a little boy named Sam and another one the way- congrats! Not so much drama on this side of the family - but it helps because it keeps life in balance.

I love my children- super kids! And my husband is not too bad either- I am really very blessed! And so on this the 16th of January when I think of the last 27 years- I most thankful and happy about what I have now... in relationships and in experiences.

Now enough of the mushy stuff- my funny thing for the day. I was watching my friend's baby this afternoon and he was crying and fussy. Corynn was sitting on the couch trying to watch cartoons...and you could tell Thunder(the baby) was annoying her. Finally she stands up with her hands on her hips and says with a finger pointed right at Thunder-"I am getting too old for your whining!" then she looks at her baby doll and says "If you ever do that - you'll be grounded!" I just laughed- what a crazy kid - I have no idea where she gets this stuff!

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Sue said...

It is so great you are so close to your family- sounds like a lot of fun!