Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Cleaning House!!!!!

Last week and earlier this week we had painters in our house...and I had to move a bunch of stuff so they could paint. I soon decided that it was high time for a garage sale! So this weekend I will be selling my wares and what doesn't sell goes straight to Cedars and Goodwill. NOTHING is making its way back in the house.

It will feel so good to get this stuff out of the house and actually have room in closets. My hall linen closet actually has TWO WHOLE shelves that are empty....SHOCKER! I have recently come to the thought that stuff is just stuff...and I don't need it all! I think I inherited the "its on sale so I have to buy it" gene. Because if its on sale or in the dollar isle at Target...I buy it. Even if I don' t need it...because some day I may need it. Or I stand there and think how or where I can use it because its such a great deal. CRAZINESS!

On the up living room and family look FABULOUS with their new paint!!! I love being in the front room- so warm and cozy. I was in there playing the piano the other night amidst the chaos of the room- it was kind of funny. Having to crawl my way over things to make it to the piano- but it all goes outside tomorrow night...then it won't be such an adventure trying to get the piano. Once the room is cleared out and the window treatments are up- I will take a picture and post it!

We are meeting with the contractor today about finalizing tile choices and a few other things and then our floors and bathrooms will be overhauled. SO EXCITING!!!

It will be so nice to have our house in order and just the way we want it! Can't wait!


Christy said...

Maybe you'll see me this weekend coming to buy your awesome stuff! ;)

Lindsey said...

ohhhh- I'll be there! Ella needs some clothes!!