Friday, June 01, 2007

A weekend with Family

Memorial Day weekend was spent out at Davey with John's family. And it was a great weekend. The only thing to that could have made it better was more sunshine and lake weather. But we made do!

We headed out on Friday after school. John and his dad went and bought the kids a new trampoline for the acreage - one of the big square ones from Sam's Club. Which was eerily reminiscent of Memorial Day weekend a few years ago- when john's dad bought the kids a play fort. Which was super awesome and they love it... but it took FOREVER to get that thing put together. All weekend and then a few more. Even so... it was worth it and the kids love it.

But back to the trampoline... I saw them pull up with those two HUGE boxes and thought - oh no! here we go again! Well- it rained Friday night and most of Saturday morning so we didn't get to it until early afternoon. The instructions were quite intimidating- but I guess we lucked out because I am just soooooo smart! (lol family joke!)

It only took us four and half hours and one fight to get it finished. But we finished it.... and the kids LOVED it!

We also had ample wii time due to the rain... and we all had a ton fun! John's parents both played and the cousins and john's brother and was a good time. I think we have some new wii converts!!! Especially my mother in law...she is pretty good too!

My house is completely torn up due to painters and I am going insane! Next week should be a little better and I will able to blog more. I miss it...

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wendysue said...

Looks like the kids LOVE that trampoline!

We love the Wii. Matt's brother let us borrow it over Christmas and my sister and I loved the boxing, but seriously my elbows and arms were so sore for like a week! It's a total workout!