Monday, June 18, 2007

Mr. JW! Come on DOWN!!!

This past weekend we celebrated Father's Day with John's family and we also celebrated John's dad's bday, which was last week! It was great fun! John's dad is really the only father figure I have had in my life for a long time. And he is the best! My parents divorced when I was three and my father and I have had a strained relationship, and that's putting it mildly. It was nice to have John's dad there to give us advice, support and a good kick in the pants when needed! Every girl needs a good strong father figure to look up to and admire - and he is mine!

Here are some picks from this weekend.

I made his favorite, Boston Creme pie. Or I should say I tried. I messed it up big time - the great family that they are - ate it anyway! I will have to make it up to them...and make it from scratch!

Even the dogs, Emma and Maxi got into the party mood!

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