Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Finally, we are getting somewhere!

Our yard is finally taking shape - and it has only taken three years!!! My grandma is a SUPER planter with the greenest thumb around! Her yard is always so beautiful! My mom - not even a faint lime green thumb! She's lucky to keep the grass green! And me- well I am somewhere in the middle. But I do take great pride in my yard and flowers.

Here is a pic of the side of our house leading to the patio and back yard. All the plantings are coming in great and the asian lillies are AMAZING! (I have a hanger for the hose but haven't put it up because the painters are supposed to be over to paint the house.)

This weekend I should be able to take a pic of the wild flower garden. It has salvia, daisies, blackeyed susans, yarrow and a little flower that resembles a purple corn flower. John's parents had wild flowers everywhere at their home in GI and we had them as the back drop in our wedding- so they have a special meaning to us. They are starting to bloom- so we'll see!


wendysue said...

Every year I say, THIS is the year to get my backyard all planted and beautified. . .as of now, nothing's done so I guess I'll say the same thing next year.

Amanda said...

Don't you love planting flowers and greenery? Just in the past few years I have really enjoyed watching things grow and realize where they come from. Wow!