Sunday, August 16, 2009


That is what my brain has turned into. mush. ooey gooey lumpy mush. These past 73 days of summery goodness with the girls -24/7- has turned me into a cranky moody zombie without a brain. How does that happen?

I love my kids. really. I do. (that may sound like it lacked enthusiasm, because- well it did. I do love them- I'm just too tired and annoyed to gush about them right now.)

My brain is fried. Today was not good- all the pent up frustration that has been building all summer long came out. I threatened to take them to their schools with their backpacks and let them camp out there until school starts- so start packing, ladies! Obviously school can't start soon enough for me! :)

Now that everyone is in their bedrooms and I've had a moment or two to reflect and calm down... I see that I may have over-reacted. Like I would really let them pack themselves...

Here's a little peek into just how fried I am and my super lovely hellish week:

  • This morning I made toast- peanutbutter toast made with 7 grain healthy bread. YUM! I usually get up earlier than everyone else on breakfast and enjoy the quiet morning. This morning was especially enjoyable! Later in the day when I go to put away the bread and toaster- I notice the bread has mold on it. GREAT- my super yummy healthy breakfast that was so stinkin enjoyable- was contaminated with green fuzzy mildewish mold. UGHHHHH!

- I haven't died yet- and still have yet to feel ill. But if I die tonight- blame the damn moldy healthy bread!

  • For dinner I was making bruschetta, a super yummy concoction made of tomatoes, olive oil, basil, salt, pepper, grated garlic, balsamic vinegar and a dash of honey. Mixed together and served on crusty toasted bread and wet mozz- superbness! Anyway...I was making this and I must not have gotten all the garlic off of my hands- because later when I was helping the girls make dessert and I licked a bit of chocolate syrup off my tasted like chocolate garlic...and that's not a good taste. I gagged.

  • Not to mention that earlier in the week I got the bathroom. No toilet paper...anywhere. I made the girls check and they came back with a papertowel. lovely. I checked in the hall closet and low and behold I found 12 rolls of soft cushiony goodness just waiting to be opened.

can you see why I might be at the end of my rope? Because I am...dangling by the bare threads with my fingertips!

Only 2 days 10 hours and 57 minutes! wooohooooo!

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