Friday, August 21, 2009

Remember these?

The girls and I were busy making book covers this morning. I can't believe I still know how to make those! Then again I had to cover my books from 7th grade on...what is that like 100 book covers or something?

It was fun teaching them how to make them. Although they do make these cheesy slip on bookcovers that are made out of plastic. They remind of those saran wrap stretchy lids you can buy that will fit any bowl- but not really and in color.

No no no. That just won't do. Old school brown grocery sack book covers are the WAY to go! There are so many benefits to going old school...

First of all - it keeps things uniform, organized and tidy. Texts books look great with their neatly labeled spines all line up. And you know me and organization...yep yep yep!

Secondly- easy access doodling space! You know when the teacher is going on and on and on about something- you can keep your hands busy by drawing little hearts with boys' initials in them...or some random pattern of shapes!

Thirdly- it gives you space to write down notes or important reminders. Post its can fall off and get lost- but if you write it down directly on the book...what are the chances of losing it then? nada

Also- its very durable! I never had to recover a book in the middle of the year! Those things last!

Oh and- its eco-friendly because your recycling/reusing!

And lastly- its cool! Its the way I did it, the way my mom did it and the way my grandkids will probably still be doing it!

I think the girls finally agreed just so I'd quit giving reasons for them to have paper over plastic. They did enjoy labeling the books with bubble letters. Although- I'm still not sure they are over the initial shock of me using grocery sacks to cover their books...they found it quite appalling! Especially when I forgot to flip the first one over and HYVEE was showing in big red letters across the front of the book. Kwynn immediately started shaking her head..."this isn't going to do, mom! I can't have a hyvee book!"

Such cute little middleschoolers!

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wendysue said...

I was just doing the same thing on Wed. night with Maddie! OH the memories. . .you are so right, I needed that doodle space!

It took me a little while to get the first one down, then I could show her how. So fun! Maybe I should do this with my church manual? Doodling space!