Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Run, Forrest, run!

I feel like Forrest today- run run run run! We took Ems to the vet, me to the chiro, went to the bank, dropped off some movies, took John breakfast, picked up Pucca's friend and went to the zoo- all before NOON!

The kids have colds- so its quiet/nap time at our house right now! Its so nice! Not them having colds- but the silence and peace! ahhhhhhhhh!

The twins, pucca, her friend TJ and I went to the Lincoln Children's zoo this morning. We love it there- its the perfect size for morning activity- you don't have to invest a whole day in it and the kids like it!

Pucca and TJ have been friends since the moment TJ was born. They are five months apart. They are so funny together! Like an old married couple!

Here was a conversation from the zoo today:

TJ: Hey look! There's a panda!

Pucca: Uh, that's a lemur.

T: Oh ya! I knew that!

A few exhibits later...

T: Hey look at the eels!

P: Those aren't eels- those are otters!

T: Oh ya! That's right!

A few exhibits later...

T: hey look a the giant iguana

P: That's a monitor, TJ (in a slightly mocking tone).

T: Ok, jeez! Why do girls have to act like they know everything?

P: Because APPARENTLY we do! duhhhhhhh!

Three minutes later- they were sharing a dish of icecream, pointing and giggling at the overly friendly peacock roaming around the food court.

Three minutes after that- they had this conversation:

Pucca: Stop eating so fast- your eating it all!

T: Its melting - why don't you eat faster!

P: Because that's not how ladies eat!

And as we were leaving the zoo- they begged me to let TJ come over for a playdate because they can't bear to separated.


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