Saturday, December 05, 2009


Its been a LONG week! Moving is EXHAUSTING! I've said it over a hundred times since last weekend...but here it goes again- "I'm NEVER NEVER NEVER moving again! EVER!"

Our kids will bring home dates to this house, get ready for dances at this house, have their graduation parties at this house, we'll celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary at this house, the girls will bring my grandchildren to visit at this house and God willing, maybe even my great grandchildren!

Now I just want to clarify! I'm never moving again...because this house is it...its all we've ever wanted and more. The actual moving part just solidified it.

I'm not going to post photos on here of the house...privacy issues and all. So you'll have to take my word for it! I love it! The girls love it. And John loves it!

Only a bazillion more boxes to go and I should probably start my Christmas shopping...take care!


The Brink Blog said...

Oh gosh...where to start--some of my favorites of the new house:
* courtyard out front
* your PORCH!!
* that KITCHEN!! OMG!! I would so totally live in that kitchen (I think I could fit inside one of the cabinets if you wouldn't mind a visitor...I promise I would even cook!)
* the patio out back -- predict lots and lots of good family and friends qt out there!

It will all get done, the unpacking, just take one day at a time!!

Sooooo, soooo happy for you guys!

wendysue said...

Christmas shopping? Hey, just put a big bow around the house!

Can I Have This Dance.... said...

I know that you will be all settled and have your house decorated in no time! It will be fun having Christmas traditions start in your new home!