Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Traditions

With our new home (and it being our last home until we get shipped off to an old folks home by our children) and the aforementioned children growing older...I've really started thinking alot about family traditions. Family traditions from my childhood, from John's childhood, ones we've created and those we hope to create.

John and I work hard to keep old family traditions alive with the girls. We tell them stories and show them pictures of Christmas pasts. They love going through the ornaments and hearing about when it was made and by whom.

I wasn't completely sure that we (John and I) had started many traditions...I asked the girls what our family traditions were.

Going to GI town...spending time with Gma Ski, Gma Tillie, Gma and Gpa Kelly, and Gma Scarborough and gpa Gordie... baking goodies to share with our friends...going to the Vet's home to carol and hand out homemade Christmas cards...playing with cousins...

I asked what would happen if one year we decided not to go back to GI town for the holidays...what if we stayed in Lincoln?

I was bombarded with questions...

"Would everyone come here then?" "When would we see our grandparents?" "I don't think Lincoln has a Vet's home!" "What about the cousins?" "How would we get our gifts to everyone?" "Your going to totally confuse Santa! He knows we always go to GI!"

During the conversation I discovered that going to GI town and being with my family and John's is our Christmas tradition. And although its changed and had to tweaked to meet with our growing extended families...we prefer having the whole family together for the holidays. In any way that works! Whether it be in Nebraska, Kansas, Utah, Texas or even Hawaii... if it came down to it! (hint hint nudge nudge) As long as we're all together.

I can't remember ever having a Christmas when I wasn't with my grandparents...and I can't imagine it. I wouldn't want that for my children and now I know they feel the same way.

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