Thursday, December 31, 2009

Livin it up!

Happy New Years! (technically not for another hour and 40 plus minutes- BUT the sentiment is the same!)

Here's how we're bringing in 2010...

Kwynnie is reading a book

Kynna is doing research on the computer

Pucca is drawing in her room

and John and I are 'nerding' out watching Hoarders (a seriously crazy disgusting series on A&E) and Dog the Bounty Hunter. Your so jealous, right! :)

We may forgo the annual setting of the alarm clock (waking us at midnight to express New year salutations and then immediately going back to sleep)...because we might actually do it this year...stay up until 12am. Hearing fireworks and cars honking- neighbors reveling in the excitement of 2010! But even as I'm typing this- I'm seriously doubting it. Either way- 2010 is coming...goodbye 2009!

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The Brink Blog said... cute! At approximately 11:45 K got sick again so we spent the "stroke of midnight" cleaning up and giving her a bath. Definitely a good idea to stay at home but comletely bummed we weren't able to come over! Needless to say, pretty sure this one will go down in the record books (and for your information, I stayed up until 12:04 and then quickly went to bed)!