Wednesday, February 10, 2010


rainbow at our beloved Camp Davey

Somewhere over the rainbow...

  • There is only sunshine and green grass! (this snow/cold is seriously affecting my mood!)
  • There are only GOOD drivers...not the stupid speed racers that cut in front of you forcing you step on your brakes or risk plowing into them.
  • There are NO potholes aka bottomless pits...some of which I'm swear lead all the way to China!
  • There are magical fairies that come and do the dishes and laundry.
  • There are endless hours in the day so that every mom gets just the right amount of 'personal' time without having to stay up pass midnight.

Its been one of those weeks. A bunch of little things nagging me into insanity. Thank goodness its Thursday...which means one more day and then the weekend is HERE! Yippee skippee! And to make it even more wonderful...I think I'm getting a dinner date with my man on Friday! wooohoooo! Happy Heart Day to me! :)

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