Monday, February 01, 2010

98 years

My great grandma- lovingly called Grandma Hoskins, turned 98 yesterday! She is such an amazing woman. I definitely received my stubborn independent streak from her. She has lived through so much- I could sit and listen for hours to her stories of the dust bowl, living in small town Kansas during segregation and Jim Crow Laws, hearing about the depression, learning our families deep dark secrets and dalliances, and just interesting facts of the times.

Corinne Margaret Brainerd Hoskins was born on January 31 1912. (the same year the Titanic sunk). She was born and raised on a farm in Ellis County, KS. In 1930 she married a boy named Harold, whom she had gone to school with. Less than a year later they were blessed with a lovely little girl (my grandma!). Two more children followed- another girl and a boy. Then came the grandchildren...and the great grandchildren and even the great great grandchildren. If she holds on for another 10 years or so...she may even see great great great grandchildren.

Her response to that "Dear God, don't say that!". We heard on the radio yesterday that the oldest living woman lives in Japan...she's 114! SO not totally out of the realm of possibilities! Just saying...

There was a great party for her in Grand Island yesterday. Cousins came in from Lexington, Holdrege and McCook. Family we hadn't seen in years- it was fun to reconnect!

Our five generation shot!


wendysue said...

5 generations! What a blessing! She looks like quite a spunky 98 year old! We all should be so lucky!

Can I Have This Dance.... said...

I love the 5 generations picture. That is amazing!!! Very rare in todays world. What a great treasure for your family. It must be fun to listen to all the stories she has to share.