Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I'm seriously missing the sunshine and mild temps. I told John yesterday that I was going to just sit outside and soak up the rays of golden goodness this spring and summer. I don't care if its 105 out...I'm going to be living out there!

Can you tell I'm really hating the snow, black ice, frigid temps and bone chilling gusts? UGHHHH!

Well, in an attempt to bring some sunshine into my life...I've colored my hair- you may now call me Goldilocks! :)

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The Brink Blog said...

while you're out there, CAN I COME JOIN YOU??!! I can just imagine the girlies playing their "girly" things in the backyard as we bask in the sunlight, tip back a glass of refreshing lemonade and think of some craft project!! This snow and cold has seriously got me feeling down in the dumps and I am READY FOR IT TO BE OVER!!!! BTW, thanks for the birthday party suggestions. We are most likely going to do a luau theme but will do it at a park for more room...should be a fun time!