Thursday, February 04, 2010

growing up

My little twinnies are growing up into little ladies. I've tried to stop it or at least slow time down- but to no avail.

As part of the growing up process...they are slowly becoming more girly. Partly by nature and partly through the influence of friends. They are at the age where girls are starting to 'like' boys and care more about what they look like, how their hair is done and what they wear.

On the way home from school yesterday, I asked the twins if they were playing softball this summer (its time to sign them up again if that's the case).

"No." was their response.

ok- do you want to elaborate on that?

"Well, the dirt gets my shoes all dirty. And its hot and spitting out sunflower seeds is really gross." McKynna conveyed this sentiment with the most girly-est whine I've ever heard!

I almost pulled the car over to make sure I hadn't inadvertently grabbed someone else's child. Was that seriously one of my children?

Kwynn clarified by adding they like the sport- just not practicing for hours on end and playing 2 hour games in 100 degree weather with 90% humidity. (trying to sound as practical and diplomatic as she could!)

And then I heard her tell Kynna that she was right about the shoes...and how her running shoes still haven't come clean from last season.

My! Oh my! Heaven help me once they become teenagers!


McAllister Family said...

I love those girly girls of yours! They are so cute! I am afraid of what is to come with the teenage years too! The other day Michelle asked me what a teenager was? Is it a monster? I said, "yeah, sort of." So she's scared to death of "teenagers." :)

McAllister Family said...

ps- love your blog. miss you!