Monday, June 07, 2010


If you know me- then you know I LOVE the tv show GLEE! Such a funny, clever tv the format of a semi-musical! Perfection I must say! Awesome music, typical highschool stereotyping, a few star crossed love matches, a pregnant cheerleader and dance numbers you wish you could learn instantly. (one of my bucket list goals is to be part of a flash mob...are you kidding me? Who wouldn't want to be!? Here's one and this one too! Even Oprah has one!)

John thinks I'm nuts and finds something else to do when I'm watching it. I often find myself laughing out loud and secretly wishing I had enough courage to be Sue...say what you think when you think it- no pre-verbal editing or political correctness! Just for one day!

If you don't watch Glee...then rent it on Netflix or catch up online. Because you are seriously missing some great tv! By the way...season finale is on tomorrow night on FOX!

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Anita Lewandowski Brown said...

LOVE THEM! Here's one of my favorites!