Tuesday, June 22, 2010


my poor garden is flooded. Sucky! (not very lady like, but darn that rain anyway!) Pretty sure my lettuce is gone-dy...which isn't that bad because it was near the end of its season anyway. So I clipped the last of it and bid it farewell. My corn is battered and bruised...not at all sure if its salvageable, but will try once it dries out enough to get to it. My onions...not sure but may have lost them too.

I'm so bummed. Last night the girls and I were out in the gardens trenching canals to drain the standing water between the rows. My beautiful garden is no longer beautiful and the now non-linear rows are about to kill me (ocd...what can I say!).

Good news is - my 24 tomato plants are thriving and a-ok. My sweet peppers are holding their own, as well as the bush beans, radishes and carrots. My herbs seem to be ok...a little worried about the basil- I need to get out there today and rinse the dirt off the leaves. The rain was pounding so hard it splashed up everywhere which is not so good for the foliage.

Its the rollercoaster of life...one day your up and the next your down. Mercy me!

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The Brink Blog said...

Lady, if you ever need help in your garden just call!! And my oh my....24 tomato plants????!!!! We definitely will be canning!!!!