Wednesday, June 02, 2010

catching up

Summer is officially here in about 30 hours. Tomorrow is the girls' last day of school! They are excited! We are excited! Finally.

Summer for our family will be a lovely mix of crazy busy and relaxation. We have trips planned, softball schedules, summer camps, time marked down for days at Davey, special events at the zoo, friends having babies... and then its August! August will our calm. Three weeks of chilling at home...perfect set up for the start of school. I'm thinking by then- everyone will be begging for school to start! :)

Pucca is scheduled to have surgery the last week in July/first part of August...but its not final yet. Still have some questions for the doctors. We want to be sure this is the right decision for her. So if that goes through- part of our relaxation will be not so relaxing. But we'll make it work!

Softball: the girls are doing surprisingly well! They can hit the ball really well...we've already lost two balls in the trees next to our house. And they are excited about the season- which makes it exciting for us!

Pucca is headed to a class at Stuhr Museum. They have wonderful summer classes for children through adults. Some you can take with your child. They also have scholarships and financial assistance for families in need. It is an amazing facility- so much for kids to do and learn! If your ever in the area- stop and check it out!

Twilight-mania: We will be on vacation during the twins' birthday. And I saw this very cool post on hosting a Twilight party. Well, can you believe that the third movie installment of the Twilight series is set to come out in the end of June, the twins are into Twilight, the party sounds like guess what!? We're hosting a Twilight Premier Party at our house- then heading over to the theater to watch the midnight show! Fun Fun

Hope everyone is as excited as we are for summer to finally be here! YA- HOO! (as my mother in law would say)

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