Friday, August 06, 2010

Count down

So not that I'm counting...but there's only 11 days left of summer vacation! YAY!!!! Our family is in desperate need of routines and schedules! Talk about 'drama' the past few days! And don't even get me started on the bickering...holy smokes!

I'll be getting back into the swing of things as well...resuming my 'schools in session' motherly duties...

I'm a parent volunteer at the twins' middle school (helping with teacher appreciation projects through out the year- including the cookie drive at Christmas that involves baking 9 or more dozen baked goodies), student council advisor and day time helper (which basically means they can call me to help out with projects during the school day since I'm available...usually things like popcorn Wednesdays, book drives, special projects etc)

For Pucca's school- I'm the secretary for the PTA , co-chair for the two book fairs, and co-chair of the Spirit committee (which is in charge of the year book, monthly newsletters, classroom parties, t-shirt design competition and much much more!)

Summer vacation was wonderful...but there's definitely something to be said for routines. Our family seems to function and mesh so much better when chaos ensues...sounds crazy, but its true! Being busy and involved makes us value our 'family' time so much game nights, Sunday afternoon movies while vegging out in the family room, working on projects around the house, weekends spent at Davey, watching Husker football...

There's also something wonderfully fulfilling about seeing your family work together to make things run smoothly...everyone pulling their own weight and helping where help is needed. And knowing that despite the craziness of the school day or evening meetings and practices...we'll all be together for dinner at the kitchen table.

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The Brink Blog said...

We are ready for routine and schedules too!! I told Justin the other night while laying in bed that I can't wait for our Saturday Husker nights spent together and this year, Kayin is even more excited!! Enjoy the last few days!!