Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ca - Razy time

Oh where! oh where has my little blog gone? Oh where or where can she be?

hmmmm....ever been so totally overwhelmed (not in a bad way- just the normal CEO of the family duties) that things get pushed off and off and off and then HOLY CRAP! its been a week since I last blogged!?

Well- guess what!? I'm there!

I'm not sure what happened...it all just snuck up on me. Fall break, vacation, Halloween, Halloween party, Pucca's sick (bronchitis- icky!), my mom went awol without telling me, meetings, meetings and more meetings, Husker football (blah!) and about 50 gazillion other little things that add up to 'NOT ENOUGH TIME IN THE DAY!'

Any who....I should be in bed right now, but I'm not, obviously because I'm writing this post. A post about nothing really- yet I feel it needed to be said. I love this little blog and promise to make more time for you...in between PTA meetings, piano lessons, dr appts and carpool!

Kisses you sweet thing! Now off to bed- need that beauty sleep!

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Can I Have This Dance.... said...

If you can find chocolate licorice that would work. I like it much better than black licorice. That is really cute idea.