Friday, October 08, 2010


Kynna's Industrial Tech class has been a bit rowdy and the teacher is darn near fed up. NOT the WHOLE class...but its not safe to even have just a few kids acting up or not paying attention.

Well, her teacher had had enough. So ALL the students were required to write a paper on why its important to have manners in class.

Kynna was quite upset- because she wasn't being rowdy, troublesome or naughty. Why should she have suffer the consequences of someone else's wrong doings? You can bet I heard an earfull on that one!

Needless to say- she wrote the paper and I wanted to share it with you. I love the way the girls write, their perspective and tone. And this one cracked me up.

Mr. Applegate
Period 7

Why is it important to have manners while in the lab...

It is important to have manners because it all ties into being safe in the lab.

If we weren’t respectful we would not care and not follow the rules. We would not be respectful of one another tools or projects. We would not worry about each other’s safety. You need to have manners to show you’re at least a decent person.

At the worst we would fight, let’s say BOB and JOE are fighting in the lab over something. Bob pulls on the piece of wood and Joe lets go of the wood. Bob would hurl back and possibly damage the machine. Bob could bump someone who was working at let’s say the band saw. The working person would be pushed into the “ line of fire” on the band saw, which would potentially put the person’s fingers in harm. Plus where did Bob land? He landed on the floor where he probably hit his head. Now Bob was angry so instead of walking off and letting it go, he went over and hit Joe. A chain reaction to chaos! Not good!

So it is important to have manners and to be safe, If we do that we shouldn’t make stupid mistakes or get hurt. And we all get along happily ever after.

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