Friday, October 01, 2010


Its Oct 1st- oh how I love FALL! I know autumn technically started in September...but it was still too bloody hot to be fall. But now that its October- all will be lovely! Today we awoke to gorgeous crisp morning and this afternoon was beautiful- all the sunshine you could ask for with a slight northern breeze to keep things comfortable! I wish I could press pause and it would stay this way forever!

I thought I would share with you some reasons why I'm excited about this fall:

Pucca is going back to Mayo...we've been worried about some of her muscle development and how its affecting her shoulder blades and movement. I was hesitant about making an appt because it takes FOREVER to get one and I thought our next scheduled one was November 2011 (we go every other year). Low and behold an appointment card came for her today and she has appointments and procedures scheduled for Nov 10- seven weeks from now! Wonderfully coincidental!

Our baby Emma will be turning 5 November 19th! And yes- we'll be having a little party!

Family is coming in to spend Thanksgiving with us! We love time with the cousins!

We're making a trip to Colorado...we missed the trip last year because of the house being sold and hectic schedules. But not this year...Can't wait!!! pretty in the fall! Every warm tone you can imagine, dotting the entire so beautiful!

Happy fall, everyone!

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