Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Party 2010

Today was Pucca's Halloween party! CRAZY CRAZY!

We were moving last year and so I bought a bunch of stuff after Halloween for a sweet bargain. But I packed it away and forgot just how much crap, uhhh....decorations I had actually bought.

Needless to say we were covered!

We bobbed for apples, had face tattoos, wrapped a few mummies, played Zombie Zombie where's my brain and a few relay races. We also made a 'scary' magnet for the parents.

Yummy mummy cupcakes were the treat of choice!

Kids packed up their own goodie bags with their choice of pencils, erasers, silly bands, candy and other halloween goodies.

Check out the costumes!

and yes...that mean looking green witch is me! Why not...after the last few days I've had- I was feeling a little witchy!

ah haa haa ha ha ha ha ha (my witch cackle if you couldn't tell!)

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