Friday, January 07, 2011

Hard to believe...

Its hard to believe things like this happen.

Just a few days ago we had a school shooting in a city not far from ours. A kid was upset for being suspended. So he went to the office. Met with Vice Principal and shot her. The principal came running in to see what was happening and the student then shot the principal. He then ran out of the school, drove to a near by parking lot and shot himself. The Vice Principal died of her wounds. The principal is in serious but stable condition. And the saddest part that the overall consensus from students, parents and teachers was that he was a good kid! Funny, involved and a good guy. Its hard to imagine what happened to this boy that caused him to think there was no other way to handle it. I feel for all the families involved in this tragedy.

One of my favorite blogs (that I read daily) posted this story. The post yesterday asked for prayers and good thoughts for healing. Today we learned Kate passed away - a result of her injuries. What possessed that man to invite his family over for a celebration, then spray them all with kareosene and set them on fire? Its hard to believe that people would even consider this an option to deal with how they are feeling- let alone actually do it.

I'm at a loss.

As a parent, how do you explain things you can't even comprehend yourself? I feel there will be no understanding of events like this. Because in order to understand you need to rationalize and make sense of it. There is no rationalization here. There is no sense in it.

I hope and pray 'our' children (this entire upcoming generation) is equipped with the right tools and can change the world. A lot of pressure I know, but I fear its our only chance.

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